About us

Special-Ind Deutschland GmbH is the German daughter of Special-Ind S.p.A. Italy and Arthur Behrens GmbH & Co. KG , born in 2016, to develop the German market with the same Specialistic model, used to build in the past 60 years the Italian territory.
Power market with applications in the welding, UPS, motor control, power supply, galvanic, renewable energies technologies will be the main focus.


Passion for innovation and technology is the milestone for building the future and talent and competence grown through continuous work will lead it to success.
The only way to provide a good job is to love what you do.
Our role is to embed in our customers this passion to facilitate them to the needed changes.


Special-Ind GmbH's mission is to contribute to the technological innovation of the German Companies active in the Industrial Power market, bringing them to acquire new technologies and supporting them in the implementation into their systems, connecting Customers and Suppliers, who might not had the opportunity to meet each other.

All fields are required